The Story of the Trophy

For IronSkull we wanted a trophy which would stand out and take pride of place on your shelf, an accolade which you would cherish for life whilst being a fitting award for the vast hours invested into your entries for the competition.

From concept to fruition, we want to show you all design process and journey of the IronSkull trophy from the first “rough” concept sketch by James Otero, to the awesome hand drawn sketch by James Taro and finally the final 3D render by the extremely talented Duncan Louca.

Combining instant recognition, a prestigious feel in weight, scale and design the IronSkull is the painting accolade to aspire for. This all along with function for example the sunken plaque space on the front of the trophy, and great neck for holding aloft when won, we wanted the trophies to make a grand statement of achievement.

From the get the get go the trophy had to look menacing given the IronSkull competition name and in teaming up with Duncan Shadow and James Taro we aimed to create an award for all to aspire to own and a goal for all painters no matter their ability to achieve.

Over a year’s work has gone into its iconic design and we hope you like it! Below you will see some of the concept sketches, first digital renders and first test casts from its design process.

The first concept of the trophy by James Otero
The evolution of the concept by James Taro
The 3D sculpt by Duncan Louca