The tickets for the premier IronSkull painting competition have gone live and are now available to purchase!

Your ticket gains you entry into the event and the ability to enter Siege Studios premier IronSkull painting competition at London’s Bad Moon Cafe on February 29th, 2020. 

You can purchase your tickets here –

The judging for IronSkull will be conducted by two of the worlds most renowned and skilled miniature painters, Andy Wardle & Richard Gray. They will be looking for, creative flair, high quality painting standards, original concepts and an overall well executed miniature.

IronSkull 2020 will be held at the premier gaming venue, Bad Moon Café. An inviting, comfortable and enjoyable experience for hobbyists and gamers in London. The venue is spacious, well-lit, and they have a large selection of food and drink on offer.

More details about the venue are available here as well as directions can be found here – Venue Details

We look forward to the amazing works you will bring so grab your tickets, get excited and start creating those entries! IronSkull is coming!